Oslo September 28th: Micro algae and seaweed: Sustainable innovation

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Algae can be used to make foods, medicines and energy. What role can researchers, entrepreneurs, policy makers and investors play in bringing ideas to the market?

Time: September 28th, 12.30-14.30

Place: Oslo Science Park, The dome (map here!)

Hosts: The Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board, UiO:Life science, AlgaePARC, Wageningen University

Open for all. Lunch will be served from 11.50-12.40. Sign up here!

The earth consists of 12 % farmed land and 70 % oceans but food from land still make up 98 % of the world total production of food. With a growing world population researchers and companies are looking to the oceans in search for natural resources to be used in novel ways. In this search biotechnology can provide important tools.

Micro and macro algae can have a large potential as medicine, energy, new food and feed, cosmetics and may even be used in clothes. With a great diversity of algae and access to clean water, Norway has favourable conditions for this kind of sustainable industry. In this event research and business cases from Norway and abroad will be presented and discussed. What does it take to make these potentials a reality and what are the main hurdles when bringing these ideas to the market?


Moderator: Ole Johan Borge, director, The Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board


Bente Edvardsen, Professor, Department of biosciences, University of Oslo (UiO).

Gunvor Øie, Research director, Marine Resource Technology, SINTEF Ocean AS.

Margareth Øverland, Professor, Foods of Norway, Norwegian University of Life Science.

Rene Wijffels, Scientific director, professor bioprocess engineering, AlgaePARC biorefinery, Wageningen University, The Netherlands.

Noor El-Gewely, BioCentric Design Group, Reykjavik / London / Barcelona

Kristin Sandereid, Business developer, Inven2

Arne Dessen, Chairman, AlgiPharma

Ole Jørgen Marvik, Special Adviser Life Sciences, Innovation Norway


This event is part of a collaboration between Oslo Innovation Week 2017 and National Science Week. Thursday at The dome will be about research and innovation.

Check out the rest of the programme and sign up here!  


Visit oiw.no for full program and join the conversation on #oiw2017.

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