Human embryo models – with Dr. Jacob Hanna

*Denne måneden kommer Biotekpodden på engelsk. Neste måned er vi tilbake i norsk utgave.

What are embryo models? Why do we need them? And when should we treat them like actual human embryos?

How an embryo develops into a foetus is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. Or rather, an embryo, wrapped in an amniotic sac, inside a womb. Research on human embryos is highly controversial, and in many countries either banned or limited to 14 days after conception. But what if there was a different way to find out what happens as an embryo develops from the one cell to a foetus with fully functional organs? Dr. Jacob Hanna from the Weissman Institute in Israel, one of the world’s leading experts on embryo models, is this month’s guest in Biotekpodden to talk about embryo models, what they can be used for, and the ethical questions regarding the use of these models.

Biotekpodden is a podcast from the Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board. One of the main goals of the Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board is to inform the general public about advances in biotechnology, and the ethical implications the use of biotechnology might have.

Also featuring Dr. Stine Indrelid, a senior advisor at the Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board.

Hosted by: Mette Risa, Head of Communications, Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board.

This episode of Biotekpodden is produced in cooperation with the Nordic Committee on Bioethics (NCBIO) and Nordforsk.


Want to know what an embryo model looks like? You can see a video of a day 8 human stem-cell derived embryo model from the Jacob Hanna lab here:

You can also read the research paper in Nature: